Arts and Crafts Parties

Published: 30 July 2013

DIY Arts and Crafts Party

Craft Kits Simple craft kits

Trying to settle on a party theme that will please both girls and boys can be tricky! All children, however, seem to like making or painting, so why not try an arts and crafts birthday party? The kids will enjoy making something, which they then get to take home in their goody bag. There is no need to get stressed about thinking up the activities, as there are many craft kits cheaply available these days, complete with all the necessary bits and bobs.

If you are planning a messy activity, it's best to warn parents on the party invitations so they know not to send their children in their best party clothes!

Always ensure that the materials and equipment you are using are suitable for the ages of the party guests. For the youngest party goers, simple activities such as making a party hat and decorating a paper carrier bag, which can be used as a party goody bag at the end of the party, are ideal.

With slightly older children, suitable activities include:

  • Decorating a mask
  • Sequins-by-numbers picture
  • Copper foil scratch picture
  • Decorating a wooden box
  • Making a bracelet

Keep the activities simple enough for the party guests to do without too much supervision from you, otherwise they will get frustrated and you will get stressed.

Prepare everything in advance and set aside an area with a wipe-clean floor - or take the activitiy outside - and put plastic coverings on the tables.

Call in the Arty Professionals

Painting Kits Painting Kits

If you can't face organising arts and crafts on top of everything else that needs to be done, don’t panic! There are lots of arts and crafts party organisers in Gloucestershire who will organise a themed activity to suit the age of the children attending your party. If you don’t think you have enough space at home, why not hire a hall or alternatively choose an organiser who offers a party room.

There is a huge choice of activities to keep the party guests entertained, and the craft party organiser will advise on something suitable for the age of the party attendees. Toddlers might enjoy hand and finger painting, junk modelling, making a mask, decorating a party bag or making a finger puppet. Older children might enjoy making key rings, mosaics, decorating pottery, designing a T-shirt or making a teddy bear or jewellery.

The craft organiser will provide all the materials required for the chosen activity, as well as patient staff to supervise the activities and clear up afterwards. Table coverings are normally provided and sometimes aprons for the kids to wear. Some organisers can also provide party food as an option.

You don’t even need to worry about a party goody bag, as whatever craft item the kids make, they take home with them.

Enjoy your arts and crafts birthday party!

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