Scrapstore Bird Puppet

Published: 16 May 2014

It's half-term and whatever the weather your local Scrapstore has everything your family needs to make, create and play.

The Scrapstore, run by the Gloucestershire Resource Centre (GRC) collects clean, re-usable waste materials from local companies and offers them to community groups and families. It’s a little like going to the supermarket, only it’s a lot more fun, as it’s your imagination that you’re shopping for!

An annual Family Membership (£7 a year) allows you to stock up on the Scrapstore’s treasure trove of arts and craft materials. It’s a perfect destination during school holidays when the cost of trips and outings can really add up!

Find out all about us at:

Scrapstore Bird Puppet

What you will need from the Scrapstore:
What you will need

  • 2 cardboard cylinders
  • Thick red foam
  • 2 white plastic washers
  • 2 black plastic stoppers
  • 2 yellow pipe cleaners
  • White card
  • Yellow paper
  • Wooden stick
  • Several lengths of wool

You will also need:

  • Scissors
  • Strong glue
  • Sticky tape


  1. Glue the yellow paper to the white card. Roll the card to create a cone for the beak. Glue the paper to the card
  2. Make a head by pushing the cone through one of the cardboard cylinders and tape in place. Make a head
  3. Press the black plastic stoppers into the white plastic washers to make the eyes. Press the plastic stoppers Glue the eyes to the head. Glue the eyes to the head
  4. Cut wings from the red foam. Cut the wings from the red foam
  5. Tie two lengths of wool to the second cardboard cylinder to make a body. Tie the lengths of wool
  6. Attach the wings to the body with tape. Attach the wings
  7. Bend one pipe cleaner to create a foot, leaving a loop through which to tie the wool for the legs. Repeat. Bend one pipe cleaner
  8. Tie a length of wool through each of the foot loops. Attach to the body. Tie a length of wool
  9. Attach the head and body to the wooden stick with wool. Attach the head and body
  10. Join the head to the body with a length of wool. Your bird puppet is finished! Join the head

More Information

The Scrapstore is located in City Works, Alfred Street, Gloucester. Please take a look at the Scrapstore website for full details of types of membership available, opening times and how to become a volunteer.

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