Age UK Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Age UK Gloucestershire


For information and advice on form filling for pension credit, attendance allowance, housing benefit and much more. Details about volunteering, donations and where to find the Age UK Shops in Gloucestershire.

Age UK Gloucestershire - Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Butterfly Garden

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Butterfly Garden


The Butterfly garden is an educational, therapeutic and recreational scheme, based initially on gardening, but now offering so much more. It is a project for people of all ages dealing with disablement of any kind. It caters for those looking to escape the world, those looking to re-enter it and some, who are still just looking. Its doors are open to anyone without obligation. Donations of all types are welcome.

Butterfly Garden - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

CADCAF: Cheltenham and District Carers and Families

Gloucestershire Information Charities - CADCAF: Cheltenham and District Carers and Families


A family support group for families and carers who care for children with special needs. We provide mutual support, information exchange and holiday activities. Support is given to the whole family, offering real and positive help to each and every member. Complementing the above, we also offer a Young Carers club for brothers and sisters of special needs children, who can take part in various planned activities and the After School Club for special needs children.

CADCAF: Cheltenham and District Carers and Families - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Carers Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Carers Gloucestershire


Carers Gloucestershire offers informationadvice and advocacy to all Carers in Gloucestershire. It also gives Carers the opportunity to meet other Carers, share experiences and work together to get things changed for the benefit of everyone.

Carers Gloucestershire - Gloucester, Gloucestershire


Gloucestershire Information Charities - Cobalt


Cobalt is a leading medical charity founded in 1964, helping in disease prevention, research, treatment and diagnosis. Cobalt has been making a real difference to the quality of life and the outcomes for those suffering from cancer and other life-limiting conditions. We have been a major NHS partner in establishing the Cheltenham Cancer Centre and other health care facilities, such as the new £5.1 million, all digital, Breast Clinic at Cobalt House.

Cobalt - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Cotswold Care

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Cotswold Care


We offer a wide range of services which provide care for people living with or affected by a life limiting illness. As an independent charity, in 2012 it cost us £2.8 million to provide our services, however they are free of charge to all the people who use them. Please see website for fundraising events and charity shops throughout Gloucestershire.

Cotswold Care - Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association


We rescue and re-home unwanted and abandoned stray cats, dogs and small animals from across Gloucestershire. Cat and dog boarding, dog grooming, dog agility training classes. Pet shop.

Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Multiple Sclerosis Information & Therapy Centre

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Gloucestershire Multiple Sclerosis Information & Therapy Centre


The Centre was founded by a group of local people with MS who wanted to improve therapy options and have access to High Dosage Oxygen Therapy. Run largely by volunteers it offers support to people with MS, enabling them to help themselves to the best possible quality of life. Friendly, cheerful and welcoming, it is open to anyone. No one knows why people get MS and every case is different. People react very differently to its diagnosis. We understand these feelings and problems and would like to share our experiences.

Gloucestershire Multiple Sclerosis Information & Therapy Centre - Gloucester, Gloucestershire

James Hopkins Trust

Gloucestershire Information Charities - James Hopkins Trust


A charity which provides practical help for severely disabled, life threatened and life limited young children with nursing needs, aged 5 years and under, living in Gloucestershire. Since 1989, the James Hopkins Trust has helped well over 350 children and families in every corner of Gloucestershire, to the staggering amount of over 150,000 hours of nursing – free to those that desperately need it.

James Hopkins Trust - Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre


The Centre is committed to the care of injured, orphaned or sick wild animals and birds. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and aim to rehabilitate and eventually release any animals bought into our care. If you would like to get involved, please visit our website for more information. Not open to visitors.

Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre - Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Pied Piper

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Pied Piper


The charity was started in 1992 to improve the lives of sick children in Gloucestershire. Initially created to fund a new children's hospital for the county, the Appeal now reaches out to help sick children from across Gloucestershire in many different ways. The funds raised have been used to build the new Children’s Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, refurbish and revitalise the Battledown children’s ward at Cheltenham General Hospital, purchase new equipment, enhance hospital environments and help individual children to make life at home easier with hoists and other equipment.

Pied Piper - Gloucester, Gloucestershire

RSPCA South Cotswolds Branch

Gloucestershire Information Charities - RSPCA South Cotswolds Branch


We provide animal welfare to the Cirencester, Fairford, Tetbury, Dursley, Nailsworth, Wotton-Under-Edge, Berkeley and Stonehouse areas. Our work is focused on providing welfare for local animals. As well as finding new homes for many unwanted animals each year, we provide a twice weekly veterinary clinic, reduced fee neutering and veterinary help vouchers for people within the community on income support.

RSPCA South Cotswolds Branch - Stroud, Gloucestershire

The Meningitis Trust

Gloucestershire Information Charities - The Meningitis Trust


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As many as 500,000 people living in the UK today have had either viral or bacterial meningitis at some time in their lives. And up to 10 million adults in the UK - one adult in every four - knows of someone who has had the disease. The Meningitis Trust is here to help and support everyone struggling to cope with the after effects and impact of meningitis or associated septicaemia. Together with your help, we can always be here to provide support and awareness for all.

The Meningitis Trust - Stroud, Gloucestershire

The National Deaf Children's Society

Gloucestershire Information Charities - The National Deaf Children's Society

Various Locations

The NDCS is committed to providing clear and balanced information about all aspects of deafness. See website for local support groups.

The National Deaf Children's Society - Various Locations, Gloucestershire

Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre


We are available 24 hours a day for help and advice concerning sick, injured or orphaned British wildlife. We need your help to continue our work. Our running costs are £250,000 per year. We rely on public support to survive and even the smallest of gifts will make a difference. Not open to the public, except on annual Open Days.

Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre - Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Winston's Wish

Gloucestershire Information Charities - Winston's Wish


The leading childhood bereavement charity and the largest provider of services to bereaved children, young people and their families in the UK; offers practical support and guidance to families, professionals and anyone concerned about a grieving child.

Winston's Wish - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


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