Emmaus Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Information Recycling - Emmaus Gloucestershire

A charity that aims to tackle the problem of homelessness by giving shelter and employment to those affected, we believe that this approach is far more effective in restoring self confidence and social inclusion than simply providing a hostel bed and an address to claim benefits from. There are currently four shops in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire selling goods, including fully tested electrical appliances, furniture, clothes, books and bric a brac. Donations are always welcome.

Emmaus Gloucestershire - , Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Real Nappy Project

Gloucestershire Information Recycling - Gloucestershire Real Nappy Project

Information about modern reusable nappies, made of natural materials and how easy they are to use, together with how much money you could save as well as helping the environment.

Gloucestershire Real Nappy Project - , Gloucestershire

IT Schools Africa

Gloucestershire Information Recycling - IT Schools Africa


A registered charity which recycles unwanted computers and sends them to schools in Africa. Please see website for minimum spec required. Volunteers welcome to help extend the cause.

IT Schools Africa - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Recycle for Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Information Recycling - Recycle for Gloucestershire

Details of why, how and what to recycle. Details of household Recycling Centres in Gloucestershire.

Recycle for Gloucestershire - , Gloucestershire

The Furniture Recycling Project

Gloucestershire Information Recycling - The Furniture Recycling Project


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The objective of the registered charity is to encourage the recycling of furniture and household items for resale to disadvantaged groups at low cost (the elderly, disabled, on income support, single parents, those on a low income). Free collection of suitable goods from central Gloucestershire.

The Furniture Recycling Project - Gloucester, Gloucestershire


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