How to write your business listing

Your listing reflects on your organisation or business. It is in your interest to make sure it is honest, decent, legal and conveys a friendly but business-like manner.

Do not repeat your business name in the description (this will be the title of the listing).

You should accurately describe the product or service you are offering using between 50 and 90 words (up to 120 words for Premium businesses).

You must use at least 50 words to describe your business. Your listing will be rejected if you cannot be bothered to do this!

Do not make subjective claims as to being the 'best' or 'cheapest'. The text you submit must be your copyright, and should ideally be different from that appearing on other sites you have submitted your business to. It may have negative impact on your business if you do not use original copy.

Use the correct case: ie NOT ALL CAPITALS nor A Capital Letter For Every Word. Your listing will be rejected if you do.

Use correct punctuation, grammar and avoid lists, abbreviations and text speak.

Spell check your copy before pasting in to the form.

Give plenty of information about what you offer, potential customers will choose another business if you do not give as much information as you can. If you are offering classes or parties, state the age range that you cater for and the length of lesson/party (if applicable).

Do not include locations in the description – these will be shown separately.

Do not include any information that may change eg prices or dates.

Free business listings may only be amended once a year, Premium listings may make unlimited changes.

You should hold the copyright to images submitted and they must be of a good quality. Please submit images which are landscape orientation and a minimum of 220 x 130 pixels. Please do not send us pictures of identifiable children unless you have permission from their parent or guardian.

Visitors will visit your website if they are interested; there is no need to state this in your description.

For your address, use either:

  • Your fixed business address with postcode/the main location of your classes
  • Or state the locations that your classes are held, if more than one
  • Or "We travel to a venue of your choice within Gloucestershire"

All submissions are checked by a human, so please do not try tomake additional free submissions.

We reserve the right to alter any listing or refuse publication for whatever reason, at our discretion.

If your listing is accepted it will be entered in the most appropriate category in our directory. Premium listings may be entered in more than one category if applicable.

If you wish your business listing to be removed, please email us at Oracle [at] and it will be removed as soon as possible.